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Authorized Dealers:

We want you to have a great experience with our products. 

To insure that you receive full value for your investment you should verify that the company you are dealing with is an Authorized Dealer. Over the years we have developed an extensive network of knowledgeable dealers in all markets - Retail Sales, Corporate Installations, Institutional Installations, Houses of Worship, Health, Government etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us prior to your purchase and we will be pleased to be of assistance. We will gladly recommend Authorized Dealers with expertise in your situation, in your area.


It is important to choose an Authorized Dealer as they know our products and they can work knowledgeably with you on product selection which results in a trouble-fee sale as well as follow-up product support.

Contractor / Installers:

After decades of being fortunate to have inclusion in some of North America’s most iconic audio and video projects both live and installed it is our common observation that people believe that designing, acquiring, installing and commissioning an AV system is not that complicated and can be executed by your average person with the apparent experience garnered from exposure to the technologies. Musicians, DJ’s, IT technicians, phone and security techs – possibly have some knowledge but not close to the amount one should entrust a project to because that’s not their focused profession. To add to the challenge is that historically audio and video is arguable one of the largest industries of unlicensed and uncertified practitioners with a challenging ability for purchasers to evaluate potential providers of sales and service and very often it’s only at the final stages of a project one discovers those deficiencies.  The good news is that our industry has organizations that create professional standards and trains quality people to do quality work. The bad news is that the lack of any regulatory enforcement allows for anybody to present themselves as a operator, consultant, production company or contractor. 

Our Authorized Dealers possess the knowledge and experience to fully develop, implement, and install you system whether it is on a small scale such as a boardroom or large  scale such as a Cathedral.  Most hold product certifications and special product training that we require before granting Authorized Dealerships.



We strongly recommend the use of an Audio Consultant for your project. One of the primary benefits an audio consultant provides to the customer is their ability to act as an independent resource. Their goal is to choose the best possible product for your project and bottom line. From our 32 years of experience below is a list of our trusted Canadian associates who operate at the top of their respective fields worthy of your consideration.  Consultants all have diverse staff, expertise and specialties.  We would be happy to recommend firms that fit your requirements.

If you aren’t aware of all the intricacies of what any audio, video or lighting project involves, here’s a checklist of what a qualified consultant or design build contractor brings to the project. There are always more points to add but we believe it serves well.


"We have unquestionably some of the best talent right here in Canada who understand our culture, our economic influences, reliable associates and suppliers. Invest wisely and locally in Canada."
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